Nicotine addict

I’m a quitter but I cannot quit smoking, I’ve been smoking cigarette since I was 18 yrs old, I can’t say I have battled too hard quitting, but I know I haven’t tried harder than I should.

So what it is that makes a person like me become so addicted to nicotine? and what should I do to quit being addicted to something that harms my health?

They said nicotine changes the way our brain works, it makes us crave more for nicotine? within couple of seconds of entering the bloodstream nicotine will reach the brain, then it will release adrenaline that produces a rush of pleasure, pleasure that will only last for few minutes, I have noticed that too, then few seconds after I finished the stick I will feel a bit tired, irritated and down, this exhaustion makes me wanna quit, well that’s how it is for me after I’m done smoking cigarette, then once I’m okay that changes my mood, I will feel the urge to light another stick of cigarette, craving for another round of nicotine.

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