How wild will I go with my little friend?

The unruly tongue

I suppose we are not aware of the words we say all the time. Unconsciously we just say things because we feel like saying it without even realizing we already offended a person. We speak to communicate; we talk because we have a mouth and tongue; we use this to interact and to make them understand what’s inside our thoughts and heart. We can speak a thousand words per hour not being aware of it; if there could be an odd job to do that is to count the words we say per second. We can talk without an effort, not getting tired of using our mouth. We can run or walk using our feet; we can write or do a task using our hands; but once we get tired of it we stop. A normal reaction of our body; Sometimes we stop using them because of some injury; imagine a broken ankle or a metacarpal, a fracture that causes these two helpers to rest, sometimes even forever it depends on the injury. Our tongue never experienced this kind of injuries; they are the ones who injure; as long as there are words to say it never ceases to work. And it never ceases to amaze me still how a word can be so powerful that it cuts like a knife deep within our soul. “A word is just a trap away” words can be so damaging or simply just so comforting; it can be so satisfying and provoking.

“We behave like animals most oftenly that we cannot control even our own tongue “

Communication is part of everyday’s life, it serves as the medium between people, in business if you don’t know the language you cannot be part of that league. Every transaction, there is communication, whether it be talking with sign language or not; but a wrong communication leads to misunderstanding so we have to be careful in what we are saying. Expressing thoughts, Ideas and feelings are part of communication, sometimes to defend ourselves when ego is being compromised, or to cover something that we did just to avoid trouble, we also use it to slander, to make and to spread false rumors, or simply just to talk about somebody else’s lives for fun. Its function is very extraordinary, and it is amazing how easy it is to murder our own spirit simply by using our tongue in such a way that we are not aware of. We oftenly use our tongue in a more damaging way, deceive ourselves that we are not doing anything wrong in our lives were in fact, our little friend from inside our mouth where it is hiding is right there being guilty of backbiting, slandering, lying and simply just by complaining.

A man can make impossible things possible. They can learn stuff in such a simple time; invent things that will make our lives a lot easier. Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone so that he can transport messages from one place to another, a brilliant idea that has made our lives superb, I can give him a straight excellent applause for that excellent job. As years go by that excellent invention has modernized, telephone wire is not really necessary to transport messages to a recipient, satellite do all the jobs for transmitting messages all over the world, so much excellent job for these genius people, for them nothing is unconquerable; but can they conquer their super extraordinary friend that hides between their teeth?

How many people have been beaten badly, damage millions over the century by rumors, false rumors, and deceitfulness by our friend and worst enemy.

The good thing about talking is we are able to express our thoughts in words, everything we feel, or think, opinion about certain things like politics, the movie we watched, criticism about a person about an artist, we all do it simply by talking.

When we learn new things in life we get so excited that we feel the need to tell it to our significant others, when we’re hurt, we look for a friend to talk so that we can release the pain that bothers us, so bothering that expressing it by words is the only solution. But of course it won’t solve the problem; it only lessens the pain for a few moments.

But a heart that has full of bitterness and hatred will definitely express it by words in delivering harsh sentiments to a person he or she is having arguments with. We say things we don’t really mean, but sometimes we do, and those bad words, we mean to say has one sole purpose to inflict pain to others, while a person that is guilty spitting all the poison of hate and anger from her/his tongue that person also inflicts pain in his/her heart.

We are all permitted to talk, it is a freedom that each of us has granted.

An ability to speak is a gift, let us not abuse it in a way that we cannot control what we are saying, at least try to meditate everything we said for the last 24 hours. Although we were given a freedom to speak; we are not permitted to hurt and offend a person’s feelings, because harsh words are so harmful that it damages even our own spirit. Our tongue is like a sword that cuts within, it can destroy almost everything, trust, confidence, faith and beliefs. It is like a virus in a computer, it corrupts the entire system; a bacterium that mutates from a simple fever to a deadly disease that its contagion cannot be controlled.

The tongue is so sharp that it damage someone even from a simple gossip; although most of us declare as non gossipers, but all of us are guilty of that sin, a gossip will start as a small spark in a single stick of a match that it spreads like wildfire in a forest, it cannot be stopped from spreading until it reaches to break a spirit.

A tongue is like a wild animal that bites and devour its prey when not tamed, to slander is another sin, and it is much more harmful than just a simple gossip, when a person tells someone untrue about someone that is slandering. Destructing its reputation, defaming to humiliate a person is not acceptable. Many people have been bitten by its sharp fangs, left with scars of hate that has marked invisibly on their hearts causing much bitterness to someone who slanders them.

Our tongue is made and designed to be of great power, remember words are very powerful it can heal a heart when broken, it can enlighten our souls when lost, but it can also be so destructive like a nuclear bomb when dropped, its destruction is unfathomable. So if we cannot say anything good about a person or anything we might as well SHUT UP. 

Eessangj 😸

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