11/22/63 and 842 pages of boredom.

I’m not a fan of Mr. King’s novel; as a matter of fact this is the first time I bought a book of him, and it will be my last. It was really interesting though at first, who will not be intrigued with Mr. Kennedy’s assassination? I am so much thrilled to start reading a book about it, so yes I got curious with the title 11/22/63 and some Mr. Kennedy’s last photos on the front page, and most, it has a lot of good reviews and ratings, people like me who loves to read books will definitely be interested to read such a story, but after reading 80+ pages I have noticed the flow of the story doesn’t seem to be inviting at all, the pacing became extremely slow, it’s like I’m not turning the page anymore, so I checked the pages I want to know how many pages do I need to suffer myself with, lo and behold it ends on page 842!!! Okay, I guess the boredom will wear out after I read at least 100+ pages of the book, sure thing it will be interesting, I’m still hopeful, but the hope was gone when I realized I’m already on page 400+ and nothing seem to happen, there are many irrelevant things that shouldn’t be there in the first place, I thought I’m following a straight curve, but I realized it goes in circle that it hasn’t led me even a bit to the right direction of the story, so my boredom came to the utmost and decided not to proceed anymore, the torture needs to be stopped so I did not finish the book. My brain could not process a story that has much fillers than I expected to be less, because when you talk about Kennedy’s assassination and changing the course of the history sure you will expect a large quantity of pages but not these non-sense, I felt so bad wasted my time and even regret allowing myself to be tortured like this…

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