I’ll post late reviews.. so what? The Wolf Of WALL STREET

I like it when Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio work together, you will know how crazy the outcome will be; Regarding the movie itself, base on real life story of Jordan Belfort the Mr. Fraud Guy,stock broker of wall street and became CEO , owned a company and became extremely fucking rich all I can say is; It was a good movie for adult, really, the entire script has nothing but the word “fuck” and literally fucking is part of the movie, I never thought fucking in the office will be that legal, fucking hours is same as lunch, drugs is everywhere, same as smoking a cigarette, so expect the entire movie to be about MONEY, ALCOHOL,SEX,DRUGS, and MADNESS! so if you are not really like movies with so much of this I don’t think you will ever gonna enjoy it! it was good, I can give 3 stars for that! 😀😀 not genius for me but it was okay so for me to be completely motivated to be rich I need to do the fucking, and drugs while working!! sure is really motivating ah! 

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