Stranger Things

Genre: Sci-fi, drama, suspense.

Created by: The Duffer Brothers

No, I’m not promoting This Netflix Superb Series, but yes, it is SUPERB!!! I just wanted to post something about how fantastic this mini-series is to me, I’m not a Sci-fi fan to begin with, but the thrill and how interesting each episodes made me engage in my seat to finish all 8 episodes in one day.

It was set during the early 80’s in a fictional town in Indiana, where there was a laboratory performing a scientific research for the US department Energy, and while doing so, they were also experimenting human subjects such as people born with strange powers, maybe to use them as a weapon in replacement for soldiers, I’m not pretty sure though, just guessing. 

When I read the plot I thought this series was about alien abduction or whatever, a young boy vanishes into thin air, maybe there was a serial killer who likes to kill young boys, but why not give it a try? So I watched it

The opening began with four boys playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement of Mike’s house, one of the lead casts in the series, and then his mother asked him to finish the game because it’s late at night, there you go three boys went home on their bicycle, they split and the other disappeared. Why? How? And what is that who took him? So that is where your curiosity begun to mold in your head, and next thing you’ll know the series has ended begging to have the second season immediately!! Like please I want more.

Second Season will be aired in the fall, don’t want to expect much from it, but I hope I will feel the same level of excitement when I watch the first season, I hate never-ending redundancies of plot, it will not go anywhere, 8 Episodes is enough or maybe less, more than that will lose the element of the thrill.

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