The boy in the striped pajamas

boy in the striped pajamas

Holocaust film will sure give you hate with Nazis and will absolutely make you cry, but this one is different, though it will not change how  cruel World War II was with the Jews, but sure this film will give you hope somehow,  hope to hang on to something that is next to impossible. pure innocence of two boys that lives totally opposite with each other, but bonds them together with friendship. the film is very engaging, but of course you will hope for the better, the only problem with this film, is like it is begging for me to cry in the end, since the film is melodramatic you expect tears from the audiences,but how will you expect an 8 year old boy will be able to get away from purely innocent decision he made? well yes he isn’t Kevin in home alone that can get away from two bandits and was able to outsmart them, so you expect something will not go well in this movie, hope will surely die as the film ends.


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