It is over


Why it hurts so bad when I knew all along we have no plans for each other? Why it hurts so bad when we both ignoring each other? But it hurts even more knowing I am more than willing to be a Fool for him.

Am I hurting because I felt so much for him?
Or I’m just hurting because he hit my Ego with a punch.

I may have many questions that cannot be answered, in the end I still need to leave the past behind me and move on, after all there is nothing else to do but to end a story that has no happy ending.

When all the bad and hurtful words has been stated, and you realize nobody wants to listen to your story anymore. When you’ve grown tired with your anxious feelings that has ripped your life apart,
and when you realized how you put so much effort to even spend time talking about all the nonsense shit you have been through.
You already have moved on.

Moving on isn’t just the last stage of your misery, but the beginning of your realization about how stupid and immature you were during that process. All the wasted time hurting, figuring why it has happened and why you let it consume your life. You really are moving on.

You know it is over once you accept that it cannot be revived, and there’s no hope it will have a happy ending. You know it is over, when you don’t long for that person to come back after your loss, sometimes you will learn how to accept that all painful endings are part of the healing.

Being stupid and immature in-response to what happened to your life is normal, we get confused sometimes, and don’t know what to do at first. It’s okay, we are not ready all the time, but of course it isn’t okay to stay on that stage for long, we face challenges in life, we might not well be equipped in dealing with it by a surprise attack, or abrupt decisions, but if you will help yourself to fight it, that means you want a different chapter in your life.

All story has its ending, even all the hurt you have felt for the person who has turned their back on you will end, you cannot do anything about the feelings that has died a natural cause, there are things that cannot be revived if it’s dead you know it’s over, when it’s over, claim your happiness back, that is your reward, in every death of feelings of despair, there comes your peace and your new life, don’t turn your back, never again, keep moving on and live for the better.


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