Black Swan

American psychological horror-thriller film by Darren Aronofsky

A story about a dancer who wanted to play the role of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, The dancer will play two roles one for the white swan and the other for the black. Nina who was the protagonist of the story struggled to fight for the role she dreams to play for a long time, now given a chance to portray it, she even struggled more, with the demon inside her cannot be revealed with her ever controlling mother who only wanted her to be pure, innocent and sweet.

The film basically depicts how a person can be her own enemy at the same time, as she fights to achieve what she ever dreamed for a long time she will have to win the battle between herself and her own demons. As true in real life  the only person standing in your way is yourself, the message of the story clearly shows even from the beginning, she was dancing as a swan queen but that is only in her dreams, the plot only revolves how she will be able to portray a role of  a blackswan if she hides like a coward in her own little world. So the battle gets more harder if the only enemy you are dealing with is you.


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