 What so strange about Stranger Things Season 2?

Who doesn’t want to know what happened to eleven? Is she really dead? And what was the slimy worm like Will Byers vomited in the sink when Season 1 ended? So those were the questions we need answers, aside from the fact we have grown addicted to this Series big time there are some new faces we want to learn about being there, what are their roles, and how will they be contributing in the essence of the show.

This Season did not achieve its full potentials like Season 1 has gained it looks like the story-line was trying little hard to be good, #1. We are watching things we already discovered from the last season, so the mystery element is no longer there, #2 Max added in the gang I think is not really necessary (my opinion only) they are just trying to fill the void of a missing female character, her presence seemed not relevant to the plot she did not even help move the plot nor influence some of the characters for them to develop maturely, #3 the Episode lost sister has no significance whatsover in the story, I still can’t connect it I thought she’ll join Eleven to fight the Demi Gorgons but it’s just plain waste of episode.

I finished the whole Season for a day, I cannot seem to see any reasons why I won’t, anyways creator of this series knows how to make their audiences engaged in their seats making me finished it for a day. If I will be comparing how I felt for this Series from the previous Season of course it’s really different, aside from the fact I wasn’t really surprised that Eleven is living with the Chief it seems everything else is so predictable in this Season, I don’t hate it, they are still fun and colorful to watch it’s just that it’s NO LONGER STRANGE TO ME.

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