Top 10 Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Alfred Hitchcock was best known for being obsessed in making murderous films, cameo roles for most of his movies and one of the most influential director for a suspense genre. I wasn’t even born when these movies were filmed, but Mr. Hitchcock’s movies has left so much legacy in Hollywood film industry, that no one has surpassed his genius creation when it comes to filming such mind boggling suspense experiences, and crazy murderous plot, and these are my top list I find very satisfyingly great suspense, and psychologically twisted for a classical movie.

1. THE BIRDS 1963

Believe it or not I watched this movie three times already but there is no explanation as to why Birds has gone MAD and started attacking people in that island, the good thing about this movie, is that it did not give its viewer any logical explanation whatsoever, so figure out yourself. One of Hitchcock’s classic suspense that will make you hate birds for a while.


Never entrust your kid to anyone specially if you’re in a foreign country, and try not to talk to strangers that is so friendly, too much friendliness is so suspicious you might end up being involve with a conspiracy of assassination of a foreign statesman, in which you are not intended to because you are only out there to have a vacation with your family. That’s what happened to Jo and Ben so better not to know too much or it will cost you your life.


You bet it’s Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, so this was filmed before she even met her prince, so this movie is about a professional photographer who’s name is Jeff and was confined in a wheelchair because of a leg injury. To kill his boredom he entertains himself by watching his neighbors through his rear window using a binoculars. His Beautiful, sophisticated girlfriend Lisa pays him a regular visit and a nurse who gives him therapy, and while he is watching them like a soap opera on a TV, he realizes he has discovered unexpectedly, someone has committed a cold blooded murder. So I bet you watched Disturbia, the concept was based on this movie, don’t worry that movie sucks, the real deal is this movie.


Yup its a black and white film, and considered to be one of the classical suspense thriller of Hitchcock’s film. If you want to watch a movie that seems every one else is against you and no one wants to believe you and they making you look crazy or sick well this is the movie that I am talking about, A lady that vanishes into thin air but you are certainly sure she was with you and was talking to you, and no one seems to see her whatsoever, no trace no evidence to suggest your claims well this is the first movie of Hitchcock that I realized he was a genius.


If you want to watch a movie with guilt complex and phobia with parallel lines then better try this movie, sometimes you will never know how much guilt can affect your life until it almost disables your mental capacity to function normally in the society. This movie will psychologically challenge you, and will surprise you at the very end of the movie.


A retired thief Robbie who is catching another thief to clear up his name, so it’s basically like the other thief has the same skills as he was, reason why he was suspected instantly by the police. As he was trying to catch that thief he met a socialite, wealthy woman who has a daughter named Frances, Jessie the mother likes him instantly and made friends with Robbie, but Frances is a bit suspicious about him, she thinks that this guy Robbie is the thief, she tries to lure him with her jewelry and use it as a bate. To catch a thief is basically a cat and mouse chase but you don’t know who to suspect and who really done it?

7. VERTIGO 1958

This is one of the finest masterpiece of psychological thriller Alfred Hitchcock has made, A detective who has fear of heights, quits his jobs because he cannot save lives anymore, due to his condition. Has undergone depression due to a tragic event he has involved himself into, and finally knowing the facts afterwards and still has tragic end, what a mess. But okay, it was definitely a good movie to watch, the plot is really twisted and it will give you Vertigo.


Alicia is an American daughter of a convicted man of being a Nazi spy, was hired by an Government agent named Devlin, to infiltrate a group of suspected Nazis, who migrated to Brazil after World War II, and while on the process of executing the plan they fall in love making things complicated for the both of them.


This is the first Grace Kelly movie for Alfred Hitchcock, a murderous plot by a husband who tries to black mail a man to kill his adulterous wealthy wife, created a scheme that sure will work, but did not expect the twist of fate, instead of his wife ended up being killed, she was able to kill the man who tries to strangle her with her own stockings when she manages to reached for a scissor that is lying there on a desk.

10. PSYCHO 1960

If you know about Norman Bates then yes this is the original and the first film about how sick he was, was played by Anthony Perkins and Vera Miles, you know the overkill scene in the shower? that’s iconic, who wants to be killed like that while taking a shower? nobody!!! but yah Psycho was a real fuck and sick movie, once you meet Norman and checked-in in his Motel, you will also get to meet his Mother with a knife!!

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