Mary and Max 2009

Mary and Max 2009

Directed By: Adam Elliot

Genre: Stop-motion Animated Comedy Drama Film.

The film has shown different topic such as, Alcoholism, Child Neglect, Mental Illness, Asperger, Suicide, Friendship, Long distance relationship Forgiveness and even Death. In a span of 90 mins. we’ve seen two people lives in a two different world experiencing the same feeling of loneliness.

An 8 year old girl named Mary Daisy Dinkle who lives in Mount Waverly Australia sent a letter to an address she randomly got in a telephone directory to make friends with someone in the United States of America to ask if babies in America came in a can of cola, because babies in Australia came in glass of beer as what her grandpa always tells her.

Mary is a neglected child and the only child of Vera Dinky an Alcoholic and a Kleptomaniac and Noel Dinky a distant father, depressed who works in a tea factory and spends most of his time stuffing dead birds. She has a birthmark on her forehead the color is poo, her favorite food is a can of condense milk while watching The Noblets.

It’s no coincidence the mail was delivered to a 44 year old obese Jewish- Atheist guy named Max Horowitz who lived alone in an apartment in New York City with a cat named Hal, bird named biscuit a fish named Henry the 8th, with an elderly neighbor named Ivy. Max has only 3 goals in life to have a real friend (not imaginary), to complete all The Noblets collections, and to have a lifetime supply of chocolates.

Its dark humor and charming characters engages you at your seat and realize how this movie can be very thought provoking and poignantly articulate. One of the most underrated Stop-Motion animated Films ever made, but one of the most remarkable stories ever written, as what has depicted in the Movie, Mary grew, up lost her parents, became a wife, got her degree and even wrote a book about Asperger’s Syndrome, the characters development in the story was clearly laid making it more enjoyable to watch.

Although it looks like a Movie that can be watched with children the seriousness and weight of the script is nonetheless not recommended for kids. But sure is a gem, an unusual friendship that has gone deeper, finally feeling both of them do exists as they both know someone cares for them even the gap between their friendship are distance.

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