Stranger Things (Season 3)

Created by: The Duffer Brothers

Genre: Horror, Science-Fiction, Drama.

It has been nearly 2 years since the release of Season 2, and now I’ve finished binging Season 3, this time around when we thought the gate was closed by Eleven/ Jane at the Season Finale of Season 2 but it seems something else has happened and there is always strange happening at Hawkins. Now that adolescent stage has started to kick in with these young kids what are they doing now and what are they up to? In this season we learn that Eleven is now dating Mike Wheelers, and they hung quite constantly kissing and kissing some more, so there are a lot of kissing with these two characters, and that makes the Chief very upset with his adopted daughter, Joyce Bayers is still trying to cope up with the loss of her Boyfriend Bob in the last Season.

Nancy Wheelers and Jonathan Bayers are currently working as an intern in their local newspaper at The Hawkins Post with a very terrible colleagues, Dustin Henderson came back from a science camping claiming he has a Girlfriend named Suzie in which they think he is just making that up, Steve Harrington is also working in an Ice Cream Parlor in the newly built Starcourt Mall and made new friends with his Co-worker Robin that for some reasons knows how to speak russian, while Will Bayers still feels the upside down presence on his nape and pretty much that’s all he did for this season, and of course Billy Hargrove who’s been working as a lifeguard in their local swimming pool has become the center of sexual attraction of the pretty much bored housewives in Hawkins.

The Always predictable scene in the show were everybody meets each other and later be separated.

One that stands out in this show is probably the production design, there are lots of movie themes made out of 80’s and this show will surely give you that nostalgic feels, they made sure this will be felt as they emphasize it in a much detailed way starting with their hairstyle, the color of their clothes, their fashion, the style of the newly built mall, the movies shown in the theater, there was this scene in the Cinema when Steve’s gang is trying to hide from the Evil Russians and the Movie that is being played is Back to the Future; I’ll give credit to young Michael J. Fox, looking so cool in his outfit, and the most outstanding of course are the songs they are playing in the background they even incorporated the song Never Ending Story in what I think the Deus Ex Machina scene of this Season.

This show has made me so engaged and wanting to ask for more of the thrill, excitements, character development, new story lines, I mean I really love Stranger Things, but this Season seems to be very, very weak, that is my opinion though, we know Stranger Things is a character driven show that’s why we love watching them, but it seems nothing good is happening with their characters, just what happened in Season 2, character building is very important in a story and that’s one of the main reasons why we love this show.

I think they tried to work it on with eleven acting like a normal teenager now, having a relationship with Mike Wheelers as a subplot that I don’t find it very interesting, because when a writer tries to make its mysterious character act so normally to fit in the environment or to make it look like the character has development the mystery of his/her character will lose its essence and once that element can no longer be sustained then you will find his/her existence in the show not so special anymore.

So what is wrong with this Season? The show opens up with the Russian opening the portal of the other world using a lazered machine fueled by an unknown green chemical whatever you call it, but it turns out it isn’t finished yet, so it has been established Hawkins Lab no longer interested in the upside down, well who cares they are all dead, so now it’s the Russians the forever Antagonist can they think of anything else? Okay, so it’s the Russians, writers might have been so lazy lately and they cannot think of anything other than Russians, and they have a secret Bonker under the Starcourt Mall that Steve, Robin and Dustin has discovered but lately captured and drugged to be tortured and of course later escaped, easy pissy.

Steve and Robin when they were captured by the Evil Russians

As they need to advance the plot the show dependently progress with the construction of a story line that seems to be very familiar with the 80’s movies like the guy who chases Jim Hopper looks like The Terminator, the invasion of the mind flayer seems to be the movie Body Snatcher, like okay Stranger Things is still fun to watch, but the only reason I keep watching the show because of how genuinely they executed the first season, it was well directed, the plot was laid interestingly in the first 2 episodes where audiences are trying to figure out the mystery of the show; now, we are watching them figure out what we already know.

having said that I find this season just okay to watch as the story line still dependently rely on the first season of the show since the story is no longer engaging, maybe because the writer focuses more on the cinematography and style of the show, they added more narrative that is not really relevant in the story, and the acting of some of the main characters specially Mike is not believable like he is trying to be a jerk and at the same time a lover boy, for me I think he needs more time to understand his character, now that he is playing a role of a teenager as oppose of a kid who only wants to play Dungeons and Dragon for 10 hrs.

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