A Tribute to Ms. Bergman

August 29, 1915-August 29, 1982

I wasn’t even born when these movies was released, and when Ingrid Bergman died I was only 2 yrs old, but my addiction to classic movies started when I was 12 yrs old, I don’t even know an Ingrid Bergman has existed til I watched Murder on the orient express and saw how impacting her acting was in one perfect shot that only lasts for nearly 5 minutes, since then I watched all her Movies except of course to those Movies I really cannot find, so on these lists are some few scenes from Ingrid Bergman’s popular film that made her my Favorite Actress of all time.

Casablanca 1942

The Untouchable and cannot be remade film in Hollywood, it was well written and well directed movie back in the golden age, as we know only made for one sole purpose, to encourage the U.S. to join the War for as we know it doesn’t want to get involved in WWII, but what makes this movie so unforgettable, and remarkable, are the iconic scenes and lines that has made the narrative effective and enjoyable to watch, and this one scene made me love Ilsa Lund character more, as Rick Blaine drowns himself to drunkenness, reminiscing his past with his former lover she came in with what the fuck moment look on his face!

Gaslight 1944

Ingrid Bergman won her first Oscar portraying a role of Paula Alquist Anton, who married a suspicious man named Gregory Anton, Originally a 1941 Movie that was remade and recast, what about it then? Ingrid Bergman’s role in this Movie has made a lot of turn from her previous roles since it isn’t a romantic film at all, it is more of psychological, suspense, thriller film. What makes her acting role in this movie so exceptional is how expressive her face and her voice every time Gregory is scaring the shit out of her, and this one scene in Gaslight where she was begging for him not to leave because she was fucking scared,you can only see her shadow when she entered the room, and hear her whimpering, and her whimper was so outstanding for me, I don’t know but it was terrific.

Notorious 1946

One of the most notable movie of Ingrid Bergman was Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock,where she played back to back with Cary Grant, as Alicia Huber who was hired by Devlin to work as a spy in some Nazi’s Org who moved to Brazil. It was their first Movie together and we know they both have the chemistry making the movie so damn engaging to watch, like every time they kiss you know there is something in them, so in this scene where Devlin went to her room to know how is she doing, and found out she is falling ill because she is being poisoned by her mother-in-law, but this scene in particular I find her seductiveness though she was very ill, I don’t know maybe because it was Cary Grant that she was kissing, or she was just plain seductive.

Indiscreet 1958

The interesting part of this movie is that Cary Grant is her love interest and despite of her being so tall, beautiful and talented he doesn’t want to commit her self so seriously with her, well that’s what he thinks.
anyways on this very scene which is one of my favorites is when she finally knew he is not married at all, she was fucking angry at him and with her disbelief stated a line ” How could he make love to me and not be a married man? Daaaammmnnn!!!” I never knew she can pulled that off so blatantly hilarious.

Cactus Flower 1969

One of the best romantic comedy I have watched so far is this Movie Cactus Flower 1969 with Goldie Hawn and Walter Matthau. When you get used to Ingrid Bergman’s movies she is always the love interest because she is pretty and young, but in this movie it was the other way around, she wants a guy who doesn’t care about him, and the most perfect part of the movie is the scene where Dr. Winston (Walter Matthau) asked her to be his temporary wife, like how expressive her face and her gesture was expecting otherwise, but then he only wants her to be a wife for only 15 to 20 minutes, it was hilarious, but she was amazing and very funny in this scene, as if she willing to give him everything to make Dr. Winston love her.

These are just some movies I have included, I know she can play more interesting characters in her life time, during her acting career in Hollywood, only she can’t because she is gone now, and even if she is living she will be very very old, but what I’m saying is her versatility in acting makes her one of the most famous actresses in the golden ages, and she has won 3 Academy Awards under her belt, 2 Best Actress and 1 for Best Supporting Actress which she did not even expect to win, but anyways she has and I think she deserves it.

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