Destroyer 2018

Destroyer 2018

Directed By: Karyn Kusama

Starring: Nicole Kidman

The story begins with a woman talking on a radio saying 11 charlie lima 7 possible 187 request homicide, and then a woman’s face remains focus on the camera opening her eyes and looked as if she never had enough sleep and she is sure extremely exhausted, her eye color looked pale like translucent, seemed in pain sitting in her driver seat, her name is Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman) an LAPD Detective who arrives in a crime scene with an identified murder victim, claiming she knows who done it, at that scene we already know that she is a mess, looked drunk and they want to get rid of her as soon as she arrives.

It was narrated on series of flashbacks, so basically there are two timelines being told to simply explain how the present seemed gloomy and why our central character is miserable, the story is being told narratively base on Erin’s Memory of what happened 17 years ago, that made her who she is in the present.

In the first 30 minutes of the story, it was established that Erin has a very bad relationship with her daughter Shelby who is now 16 yrs old and currently dating an older guy and that 17 years ago she and her partner Chris an FBI Agent worked as an undercover agent in a gang who robbed a bank, and later on reveals that Shelby is Chris’s daughter when they became romantically involved during that operation.

The Film as we know is a character driven story, they made Nicole Kidman looks impossible to like but feels remarkably bad about her character and what she is dealing with, we followed her every steps finding out and putting her self altogether as she is torn apart pretty much obvious with what she looked like now as oppose to what she was 17 years ago, so basically what she wanted is to come to terms with her past, so since we don’t see Chris being in the present it’s not hard to figure out that something bad happened to him knowing that he is with these group of people.

The Movie easily suggests theme is about Guilt and Revenge, surely movie with these theme is somehow depressing to watch knowing that this is almost 2 hour in length, but it still worth a try. The story was well told, though our central character is not that likable, you somehow sympathize about how she made herself so miserable and feel so concern about her daughter fearing that she might end up doing the same mistake as what she did some years ago.

Nicole Kidman has played a lot of different roles in her career, and it never surprises me how she beautifully handled a role so devastatingly ugly and pitifully with such conviction, and I cannot think of any actress who can pull that off so strongly than Nicole Kidman. Although it was a sad story I should say, but its narration and the strong acting from start to finish was amazing.

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