Django Unchained 2012

Django Unchained 2012

Directed By: Quentin Tarantino

Starring: Jamie Fox, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo Di Caprio.

Why Django Unchained is violently and beautifully executed film? when you watch Quentin Tarantino’s Movie you can expect violence, blood and more killing, but still fun to watch, it’s not that it’s fun to see people being killed but the story and characters seemed to be entertaining, he always chooses actors perfectly fit to the role they are portraying, making audiences feel more sympathetic with their role even though they’ll do all the killings as the story progress.

Movie length is 2 hrs and 45 mins., and the first 1 hr of the film we can’t help but to love Dr. Schultz, a character played by Christoph Waltz, he is not an ordinary white guy like everybody else in the movie, as we know and without him there is no way Django will ever be freed, but he don’t treat all black same as DJango, he freed him so he can help him find the men he needs to kill and in return he will help him find his wife who is also a slave because they were separated, so pretty much he is my favorite and my only favorite guy in this movie. So how was the Movie became so entertainingly good despite the theme being so much hatred with black people back in the days.

The Movie’s theme is about slavery and revenge, at the beginning of the film we see black men in chains walking with two white guys on their horses, and then Django was freed by Schultz killing the two white dude, Django’s only sole purpose is to find his wife and be free, and it was made possible by the German Bounty hunter, one thing is for sure when it comes to Tarantino’s film the central character will have its revenge, and will get his goal.

Quentin Tarantino establishes Dr. Schultz character as soft mannered, highly intelligent guy, with English being his second language but he speaks eloquently than the Americans, he uses words not so common with the Southerns and they were like “speak english”. He don’t brutally kill people but he kills people who are bad at least as what he says he is a German bounty hunter.

Another character that stands out on this Movie is Calvin Candie which portrayed by Leonardo di Caprio a rich white southern dude who owns a plantation, in which they learned he owns a slave named Broomhilda which is Django’s wife, Candie is a very bad white guy who forces slaves to fight to their death by a wrestling match called Mandingo, though he can be very nice but very vile in his nature, Quentin Tarantino made sure to spend half of the duration of the film in his candyland to show how brutal, dangerous and disgusting his attitude is so Django’s revenge will have justice in the end.

But the most remarkable signature of Quentin Tarantino’s Film is His skills in creating tension in a scene that will last for a very long screen time, the way his character behave in a sequence of a scene, the way they react creates atmosphere so intense, with one of the characters named Stephen Played by Samuel L. Jackson being so suspectful with Schultz and Django, you can expect more blood to come when he starts squealing their Identity to Calvin Candie.

Story was so original, it was fun to watch, though violence and dialogue was inappropriate for kids, but all in all still a must see movie more so if you are a Quentin Tarantino fan just like me. Though the story was so lenghty but it is still worthy to watch, it’s a no brainer film nor a psychological movie though, but its artistry and the touch of its uniqueness made by one of the best Directors in Hollywood is a very good experience.

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