DARK Netflix (German Series)

One of the smartest series I watched so far in Netflix, every detail of every scene is very important to each other and every character has significance to one another. Everything is connected. DARK composed of 10 series for season 1 with loads of questions and mysteries. The 1st series started with a man committing suicide by hanging, later revealed it was Jonas’s dad who killed himself and he will be the next missing boy named Mikkel Nielsen.

What is so engaging about the series? I am not a fan of time travelling story but Dark’s plot I find it interesting not to mention the nature of its mystery has unfolded more questions than answers. It has more conflicts and theories, you find answer but it brings to another confusing events, the story took place in Winden, Germany 2019 a fictional town with a mysterious cave that has a wormhole in the middle where you can travel 33 years back or 33 yrs into the future, (that is very interesting), in which the theory of eternal return of Friedrich Nietzsche has applied to the plot, that all existence has recurred, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form.

Its originality has raised eyebrows when the plot involving a boy’s disappearance is pretty similar to Stranger Things an American Netflix Series created by the Duffer Brothers, it looks a bit similar due to its vagueness, Science Fiction Genre series and its 1980’s theme causing fans of Stranger Things lead to a criticism the story is not original, although many has criticized its plot they simply cannot deny the fact it wasn’t a lousy story telling after all, a boy’s disappearance is just one thing, and the writers did not give up to make the story more exciting, intriguing and mind-boggling.

What I like most about this series is every episode helps push the twisted plot to advance but never leads away from its premise, even if the scene interchanges its timeline from 1986 or even 1953 seemed perfectly stitched together, the year 1986, 1953 and the year 2019 are all happening at the same time, how did it happen? is something I could not fathom til now. The strangeness of the story, the beautiful nature it shows in its cinematography, the rain when it pours, the cool music at the beginning, the cast and it’s relationship to one another, the unique story telling, the quotes, the theory applied to build a strong premise like this of Dark is highly recommended, to those who likes time travelling story and find confusing premise so entertaining, it’s thought-provoking, insanely smart, and each episode is perfectly crafted.

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