DARK 2019 (German Series) Season 2 Confusing but I’m loving it.

Created By: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Season 1 ended with Jonas Kahnwald time travelled to the future 33 years after 2020 Apocalypse, that’s most probably 2053 after the explosion in the nuclear plant. We learned that in Season 2 Charlotte is the daughter of Noah the Priest and her mother is Elizabeth Doppler which is really crazy because Charlotte is her mother in the present time, so technically Charlotte Doppler was born few years after the apocalypse was brought to the past and raised by a clock maker H.D. Tannhaus, so this season did not really give us answers that we need from Season 1 but raises more questions, but at least it makes us more curious and skeptical than Season 1 making it seems more interesting and engaging.

Elizabeth 2053 meeting her Mother Charlotte in 2020

On this Season we also learned that Adam the leader of Sic Mundus Creatus Est is the oldest Jonas, we see 3 Jonas’s moving from different times, we have the teenager Jonas torned and confused just like me, the middle aged Jonas which is the stranger who’s goal is to close a loop to end this craziness, and the oldest changing his name to Adam the man with a distorted face trying to defeat God. So base on the narrative he triggers the event that will lead to the destruction of Winden so he can create a new world, but we still don’t know his main reason as to why he feels the need to do so.

Martha from a different world, existed after her other self died

God is the time as Adam explains and he initiated a war against time, the season foretold his reasons why he wages war against time, and that explosion need to takes its place for him to create a new world after the apocalypse so he can guide the black matter to the future, Adam killed Martha and marked the calendar with circle dated June 27th and he told young Jonas he needs to learn to let her go and be the person that he is right now with a distorted face ( who wants to have a distorted face?). I noticed the importance of every detail of the scenes, it will not be focused unless its necessary or it has significance to the plot.

The creator of Dark was very strict to their plot, everyone is involved and aware of the mystery of Winden their character development all moved to the same agenda like there is a magnet that draw their curiousity to find the truth, everything is in place, the twist and its pacing making you feel the story is far more ahead of you that you needed to focus more in its details, and some of the statements are far more confusing than the plot itself having said that I still need to know the answer to my questions.

1. Why there are two Martha’s appeared in Season 2 with a super small time travelling machine?

2. Who is Boris and where did he come from?

3. Noah said Charlotte was taken away from him, so who took her?

4. From what time Katharina will end up since she was in the cave looking for answers during the apocalypse?

5. If Katharina travelled to 1987 and finds her son will Jonas won’t exist? Probably yes or no?

6. Since Regina, Peter, Elizabeth and Claudia stayed in the bunker to survive the apocalypse what happened to Peter Doppler and Regina Tiedemann?

7. Who created the blueprint for the Time Machine?

8. Who is the mother of Peter Doppler?

9. When did the time travel start in Winden, was it in the future? Or the past?

10. Who is the real antagonist of the story? Was it Claudia? Or Adam?

These are the questions and hoping to get answers once Season 3 premiered in June.

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