KINGDOM extraordinarily remarkable series 2019-2020

South Korean Web Series, political and horror theme set in Jeoson Era, revolved around the Crown Prince the rightful heir to the throne being accused of treason against his father the King who were sick for 10 days and believed to have died for no one has seen him since he was sick with small pox. But what is in store? Is this a common zombie show that has full of gory scenes eating human flesh? The plot may not be compelling but it is interesting and deserved to be well liked.

Zombie being the main plot is so common but when there is a conspiracy behind that is a different story to tell, to make a dead King back to life using a plant that could resurrect a dead body is outrageous but intriguing, and it is provoking and cunning to use this plague to their own advantage only to set their own political agenda, and when you make people believe of lies the truth becomes powerless and doubtful, and that is a propaganda.

Zombie is just a symbol used only as a metaphor to show how people on the political side devour luxury while peasants are starving because their government are corrupt and blind, these people starved end up cannibalizing each other to survive.

Season 1 was like a roller coaster ride that is so addictive yet thrilling it comprised only with 6 Episodes and it holds the best cliff hanger ever experience in a series, it was fast paced and organized, the writer may not invest much with her main characters to be well liked at least for the 1st Season simply because you can’t relate to them yet and there is so much to know more about them, but she made a lot of effort to invest more to its villain by making them think stupidly and selfishly, and their acting are so effective that it is easy to just disgust them and empathize to the Crown prince and his gang.

The stressful situation they encountered has made all the characters used their ability to be more reliable and efficient, you wish none of them would die, although some of the scenes are depressing to watch but there is always something you find justifiable why it happened and executed, as it progress you’ll see how their characters developed, they become more knowledgeable, resourceful and used to the shit they come up with in winning the war against the plague and prevent it from spreading across the neighboring provinces at the same time resolving the conspiracy where it all started.

The biggest threat of the story are not the flesh-eating Zombies that hates sunlight and remains dormant during the day, the threat are the government who rules them, Kingdom depicts how incompetency of handling a crisis such as this can create much damage to its people, as for the Minister Cho Hak-Ju who is the driving force of this chaos the one who is hungry for power is far more sinister than the Zombie itself, I find this show more political and full of conspiracies and as we learned more of the situation we find more depth to its story and like the zombies we crave for more, it is chaotic and well done, simply narrated yet extreme in its dark agenda.

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