Covid-19 House arrest #2

Me staying at home is not a big deal I love it, it gives me time to meditate, but when they implemented lock-down staying at home is no longer a choice I made for myself, it is an order and since it is an order we know this is serious, and to prevent people from infecting one another we are all required to stay inside our house while the killer is on the loose, is this terrifying? yes, when you realized how extensive the spread of infection has become. 

We don’t know what’s happening outside, what we all know came from the only source we have and that is media telling us news about how many people are now infected, how many have died, how many patients have recovered but still no vaccine to stop this outrageous outbreak, we don’t know if this will ever end and if it ends will our lives be normal again.

It made me wonder sometimes are we fighting a war against an invisible enemy? or this is just a conspiracy, are we supposed to be afraid of this Virus or there is something else that we need to know? COVID-19 has claimed thousands of lives since it spread rapidly from Wuhan then it became a global Pandemic, we all hope it stop infecting people.

This outbreak has crippled our daily lives, our jobs, and many people are now starving but despite the lockdown and social distancing it never ceases to infect thousands of people around the world everyday, and everyday the body count rises quickly like a rocket, we don’t want to be a part of that figure, nobody wants to be part of any numbers to be counted as just one poor victim of COVID-19.

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