MONEY HEIST what went wrong?

Theme: Sex, Violence, Greed

Genre: Drama, Action

Written by: Alex Pina

What so addictive and wrong about The Spanish TV series MONEY HEIST? I Watched it recently in Netflix it was fun and exciting, I enjoyed watching the show though I find the storyline too absurd and that hurts my eyes but still, it was a fun experience, for a book it was a page-turner you want to know what’s gonna happen next, I finished season 1 to 4 for 3 damn days though I skipped most of the unnecessary parts in the story cuz it bores me with their dramas that I am not concern watching (like the love triangle between Monica, Denver and Arturito) and the truth even without those scenes I still can catch up.

Most of the episodes revolved around their personal issues or wrong decision-making, but hey they are the driving force of the show, right? I noticed most of the trouble comes from how they managed the situation, a lot of times half of their team shout at each other’s guts, point high-powered guns on their faces and behave like toddlers because they did not get what they want, thought the Professor made the best choice in picking members of his group but then I realized only one of them knows how to execute the plan professionally I’m referring to Berlin (This guy was a BADASS)

The writer wants us to empathize with them base on their weaknesses and motives, we all want them to get away from that bank without any casualties, but you cannot expect a heist with 67 hostages will not result in any type of aggression, that alone is an act of terrorism, when you point a gun to a civilian and scare the shit out of them that is aggression.

The jumpsuit idea and mask is not an original strategic style in a heist I’ve seen it in the Movie back in 2006 Inside Man with Denzel Washington, Clyde Owens and Jodie Foster, the robbers used painter jumpsuit and mask made the hostages wear the same clothes to blend with them so it can confuse the cops, I knew it was a clever strategy, Money Heist also used this strategy in which they used Dali Mask to conceal their identity technically did it almost for the same reason with a little twist :).

The series was a character-driven plot reason why the writer has invested so much with building their dynamics there are plenty of them and they all have back stories, but one that stands out the most for me is the lead actress Itziar Ituño who played the role Chief Inspector Raquel Murillo, act as the Negotiator to the mastermind of the heist, she started strong in the series and able to solve the puzzle in few days that the Professor has organized for a couple of months, but there are conflicts in her character, which is normal to a lead role. First of Raquel was a battered wife, has a pending case against her Ex-Husband but despite of being a bad husband he was a popular guy because he was good in the forensic field as they always say “He is the best”, a remark made cringe (like yah everybody loves that bad guy, are there any forensic guy aside from him?), apparently with her very kind nature her ability to handle a very difficult situation was underestimated, and most of the time questioned, her style of negotiating with diplomacy to avoid any casualties is what she is best known for but when some bad selfish cop like Colonel Prieto disagreed she easily changes her mind and comply almost immediately resulting in much favorable response by Professor, damaging her reputation, and another thing I noticed was, her friend Angel who was madly in love with her, calls her derogatory words like cunt and bitch when inebriated with alcohol, but always apologize afterwards but Raquel was a nice woman so she always forgives him she even cried about him even the fact he set her up in the hospital the f**k!! she was literally surrounded by bullies, but knowing the things I mentioned as her conflicts are fine, a strong woman always have weaknesses to overcome but somehow you expect her to respond completely differently to the situation, in this case I would say Inspector Murillo is too reactive. 

Character development is so important to me when I watch Series or Movies because their wants drives the plot, their ability to overcome a very difficult situation engages me more as I see more depth to their character. The writer must’ve had limited imagination of how her dynamics should be in the series or he just plainly being so sexist, his projection of her shows only how desperate she was to have a new boyfriend, so she started strong with a sad story about her Ex-Husband and ended up weak with a new boyfriend I could not even find essence of her being there in Season 3 and 4.

It would be better if she stayed true in her profession cuz I think that’s the only way she can kick those bullies on their faces, and so what if they think she was an accessory? Anyways there will be an investigation and she’ll probably get her badge back knowing her wits, good cop like her is needed in that job and I think she will not be an Inspector if she is stupid, right? but she just threw her common sense in the garbage just because he made love to her, letting him and the gang escape is okay, because we all want that to happened too, but it is better to promise him she will catch him one day, not go after the man who almost kill your mother, well everybody knows that, only she doesn’t know that, and what else can he do? that’s attempted murder F**k what was the writer smoking when he was writing the script?

What is the message of the story? It did not explain clearly the real motive of the heist and why they need to print so much money like the hell your only reason was to liquidate the money and all but that’s just simply greed not to mention printing so much money might cause inflation in the economy, good thing they went separate ways to spend it all, but these are bunch of bandits who are trying to prove they are right when what they’re doing was wrong. But okay as what I said it is still a good series to watch despite its flawed plot and character development so to rate Money Heist 2 out 5. 

Kudos to Arturito who has done more damage for just simply being an asshole.

Too much sex scenes and its everywhere in the show.

And I learned son of a bitch is Hijo de pota in spanish, too much nonsense.

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