Covid-19 House Arrest #3

Before Coronavirus becomes overly sensational Pandemic, most of us are guilty spending so much time in social media, taking our selfies liking posts and sharing posts we know little about, just for the heck of clicking the share button assuming we are updated in the worlds event, but none of us foresee one day we will be forced only to speak to our friends and loved ones virtually (Not really force though, but do we have other choice).

When we gathered around with friends, we always check are phones and chat with people that are not infront of us, as if we need the presence of someone that is absent, but despite of its presence our attention still focused on social media and some nonsense in our phones, like maniacs and addicts, did you notice we don’t talk like normal people anymore, we use stickers and emojis to express how we feel and send thumbs up if we agree, that’s how communication is today, and since we are all locked and our freedom are deprived because to go outside means killing each other, we are stucked and rely much heavier to talk virtually to people.

Now Covid-19 that tiny non-living shit-head assume its position to rule the world while we hide like cowards in our house, are there any difference on how we communicate before and now? Or are we missing the real human bond without the help of emojis, we rely heavily on Social Media talks that most oftenly we dismiss our own present reality.

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