Signs of Toxic Boss

Toxic Bosses are everywhere, they are like demons from hell unleashed by Satan, they’re one of the top reasons why people are quitting their jobs, and in my experience, I don’t really spot them easily there is always a bait to trap you once you’re there either you pack your little bag or let your boss suck the life out of you. well, okay, they are humans too I understand they are not perfect, most probably they have difficulties in life and we all do, no exemptions for we are all humans, but making employee’s life miserable is a different story. Toxic Bosses are gifted with incompetency and ignorance it’s like they were born to be that way, so these are the signs of a TOXIC BOSS these are base on experience okay.

  1. They emit negative energy, ones he or she arrives despite all your meditations, affirmations, and all positive energies absorbed to keep a good aura your day will still be gloomy and dark like there is a heavy storm arrived and your entire shift is like a living hell.

2. When you feel that your every move is being watched, making it feel like you almost want to throw up of exhaustion because his presence is overwhelmingly suffocating then yes you have a toxic boss.

3 When you no longer hear your boss speak words to communicate with you but instead metrics, numbers, and rankings which sound empty, illogical, and impossible to achieve but not asking you only ordering you to produce the result well that should ring a bell.

4. Toxic Boss enjoys acting as if he has a godlike power making his subordinates feel small and useless, his inferiority is being masked by his so-called power so he will use all his ways to let his inferiority be unto you

5. They seemed to know everything, how you feel, your health, how the process works, they are absolute, knows what’s right and wrong and when they say you are wrong you have no right to reason at all, but when you put yourself in trouble because of their stupid instructions they will wash their hands and blame someone else for the result, toxic and stupid combined into one.

6. Toxic bosses will never show gratitude to their employees’ NO Thank You’s for your service but instead making you feel like you owe them your life, and that you are lucky to be employed.

7. They are also a charmer, and always make a good FIRST IMPRESSION, only to those people he will get a good benefit from, but if he finds you useless and will not agree to his beliefs then expect to be nothing to him.

8. Your opinions are meaningless to him, he hears no single word you are saying, he only listens to himself don’t forget he is right and you are wrong, his voice is so powerful that you no longer think of questioning his supremacy.

9. Most of the time they act rude and bullies, they never respect your time, never respect what result you produced for them to make them look good in the company, and will still treat you like you are nothing despite the efforts and time you consumed in dealing with his unbelievable management.

10. When your motivations going to work changed, from I am happy I have a job to dragging myself to hell attitude then yes toxicity of your workplace brings forth anxiety and quitting the job is already an opportunity to breathe so you can continue living or you will be doomed.

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