Covid-19 House Arrest #4

Two Months of confinement with 12,305 Coronavirus Cases, 2,561 recovered as of May 17, 2020 update, I would say our Philippine Government is trying really really hard to fight this crisis, and our front-liners are putting much effort to control the disease from spreading, we are not a rich country not much money to produce N95 masks nor Surgical masks supplies for everybody, even our ventilators were limited in the hospital but the battle is still on, we can’t lose hope just because we have less equipment.

Is there any hope left for humanity? This Virus made many to be humble, and grateful for what they have and despite the crisis people are still happy to be alive, although some are busy being idiots and unreasonable, and chose to behave like a bunch of cavemen in the streets, laws are implemented preventing much damage to people, but some has done selfish, stupendous act just because they can.

Are we improving? Every day new positive cases added to the list, although its fewer than the last months at least we see progress, social distancing gave a tremendous result, we are locked in our houses to reduce the risk of infection, there are no exemptions rich or poor, idiots or not, and many people are not very happy about it, but prevention is better than cure.

What do we need to fight it? we are fighting against something we can’t see and could not be killed since there is still no known cure for the disease what we need is to have discipline, respect the law, and military personnel who will arrest violators and make them clean shit in the sewer (just kidding), but yes they are being punished if they caught violators, I know this situation is not easy to the majority, it sucks being locked in our houses, and much worse we couldn’t even drink a bottle of beer because of liquor ban, I think I will be a renewed person after the lockdown.

Are we tasting freedom from this horrible situation? Not yet, mass testing is yet to come. The end of Summer is near, but not the end of Pandemic, the intensity of heat we experience every day is like the Sun literally wants to burn our roof, we are sweaty and glued to our houses waiting for new updates and trying to digest the gravity of the situation of Covid-19, we are all trying and making the most of what we have and that is quality time.

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