Smartphones were designed to be addictive like drugs, and smarter than the person who is using it.

People these days will spend thousands of bucks to buy a smartphone, a much expensive phone has more advanced features, from a super flawless camera application that will make your acne go away once an image was captured to a superb high-definition video and longer battery life, so much so it has become a necessity. People have gone crazy to have one, large population owns one or more smartphones these days, and the effects in our lives have changed so rapidly from the way we communicate with each other as human and how we spend our time every day.

Technology has made our lives better and easier, the faster these technologies developed the easier our lives have become. The main idea of smartphones is to make transactions faster and be able to communicate with people around the globe better, it works as a handy-dandy laptop, but is that really all? these phones were not only made for faster communication, it’s designed to entertain us, it has a variety of game applications, and of course social media applications.

People have become more and more engaged with their phones making social media and game applications more prominent. It’s very rare to see people who don’t, it’s part of our normal and daily life, from the time you wake up in the morning you can’t help but to reach for the phone and check to see your notification updates if someone has liked your post, what’s the latest news, what’s the weather today, I don’t see any problems with that, I think it’s normal, but be addicted and make it seems that our life depends on it is a different story.

Developers made sure all users will spend large amount of time with their mobile phones, the better-engineered game, and interactively convenient an application the better addiction, it’s business that’s how they make money it is intended to be addictive, this addiction isn’t a substance abuse, not drugs, not alcohol nor nicotine that can harm our body, but it is the same system in the brain that is responsible for all these addictions, the part of it which function to give us reward of pleasure; it is the limbic system.

The technology and how it works has better our lives for the past decades, software engineers who designed these phones has limitless imagination, making their inventions work smartly to all consumers, making sure these applications will be a part of the daily routine, but to make it seem these gadgets controlling our lives is pretty much the problem, we might not notice it, or we may be unaware, it has already consumed our entire life.

We don’t normally talk like we used to do at the dinner table, it’s just sad to feel how attention is more focus digitally on Instagram or Facebook than to a person that is in-front of you, the benefits we experiencing with these technologies have caused imbalances in our lives, making it seem like we cannot live without it anymore, there are more to life than checking what’s in our news feed, and clicking like button on somebody else status, or even telling everybody how your life is going on right now, stop acting like a celebrity.

I admit I have become addicted to my phone, checking every now and then, it’s like a reflex in my body, you have this urge to check even when there isn’t anyone texting or calling you, even if you already checked it like 3 minutes ago, it’s just sickening. I realized how it has affected my entire life, my passion in reading books was replaced in scrolling and reading and liking photos of my friends on Facebook, playing non-stop games and posting pictures in my wall, it was just dumb. I stayed up late at night staring doing nothing on my smartphone until I realized my life has consumed me digitally.

But that was then and this is now, I’m not saying to stop using it, I’m not against it, but I am smarter than my Smartphone, I have ways to be able to control how to use it, it is just a phone, I can use an old-school alarm clock to wake me up in the morning, I deleted applications that will definitely consume my time, I turned off all notifications, and I certainly stopped checking my Facebook messenger unless it is really urgent.

Too much of anything has bad effects in our lives if it consumes our time and not being productive, then that probably not good, maybe we just need to learn how to balance our time spending in our digital phones, it is still fun and convenient to use it, but we use it because it is a thing that we can control, I don’t think it is right to let IT use and control US.

Β© Eessangj

4 Replies to “Smartphones were designed to be addictive like drugs, and smarter than the person who is using it.”

  1. that was a lovely read! Your title was so bang on it’ll make anyone want to read it even if we’re just scrolling through our timeline.
    Very well put πŸ™‚
    Here’s hoping I become smarter than my smart phone

    Liked by 1 person

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