11 Awfully fascinating behavior of a drunk person.

  • Throw up anywhere, like under the table, on a couch, toilet seat, toilet floor, kitchen sink, lunch box, backpack, and most especially in the bed.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
    • Be extremely friendly and nice, start making conversation with people you don’t normally make conversation with when you are sober, and make them your best buddy. “Friends forever”
    • (On the contrary to the second one) Be extremely violent, controlling your anger is not really an option at this point once paranoia activates, that if you catch someone looking at you, you will definitely start a big FIGHT!💣🔫🔪
  • Peeing in the toilet will sometimes take forever to finish in a moment of silence😴😴😴😴sleep like a baby.
    • Kiss people you will definitely not kiss when you are not influenced by alcohol. I SWEAR!!😽😽😽😗😗😗😗😗yeh, blame it to the ALCOHOL!!!
    • Tell everyone your deepest, darkest and gross secret, and feel sorry the next morning, and regret even drinking that much.🍻🍻 Cheers!!
    • Lose all you possess. Examples are: (Cash, cell phone, make-up kit, entire purse or sometimes bag, wrist-watch, dentures, virginity, dignity, and honor) hahahha!
    • Become overwhelmingly emotional, as in painfully emotional, even starts crying over a Gangnam style song being sung in a karaoke bar. 😿😿👯👯
  • Update Facebook status rant on your Facebook wall stating how bad and awful this person was while your subject is sitting right next to you, amazing right?🐔🐔
    • Pee everywhere as long as it’s necessary, or your bladder will curse you.
    • Become amazingly strong, you feel like alcohol has given you special powers, then end up passing out after a few minutes.


5 Replies to “11 Awfully fascinating behavior of a drunk person.”

  1. If person under alcohol influence behaves like that it means it is his or her nature. This person is not good at all even in sober condition because the sober condition is only the barrier to behave naturally. IMHO…


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