The Babadook 2014

The Babadook 2014

Written and Directed by: Jennifer Kent

Genre: Pscychological Horror

The Story focused on a widowed mother named Amelia (Essie Davis) who lost her husband on a car crash on the way to the hospital while she was in labor to give birth to their son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) who did nothing but trouble in school, be unruly, and make a dangerous self defense weapon to fight a monster that he believes inside his closet or under his bed. Amelia was bored, depressed by the loss of her husband 6 years ago, and unable to overcome the grief she nonetheless very much happy to embrace whenever she likes, her house is as gloomy as her aura, dark and looks empty and bleak.

One day her son Samuel found a red pop-up book in the book shelf that contains Mr. Babadook a monster-like creäture with black top hat and creepy eyes, only wears black suit and grinning smile along with his threat that you cannot get rid of the Babadook that sure scared the shit out of Samuel and he cried endlessly and annoyingly. Is this a supernatural story or a Psychological Horror Film combined? Depends on how you watch the movie, but base on the premise our protagonist was unable to cope mentally with her misbehaving child due to lack of organization in her head because every time she sees her son she remembers the painful death of her husband.

Then who was Mister Babadook? was he a real monster that lurks beneath your bed, hides inside your closet or hangs on the ceiling and makes a creepy sound Ba-Ba-dook-dook-dook, or maybe he was a monster Samuel has created to give reasons to his violent behavior, or perhaps a monster Amelia has invited because of her grief over the loss she cannot overcome making it difficult for her to do her responsibility being a single parent to an uncontrollable child like Samuel.

The metaphoric use of a monster seemed to have given clarity to what the two have dealt in their lives, it was ugly, scary, and totally horrifying and according to Mister Babadook you wish you were DEAD. The book itself has reiterated the flawless and grim truth of grief and depression combined, that if you let it in but unable to overcome it will eat your life away from light, and it will be difficult for you to get rid of it once it consumes you alive.

The darkness of the story’s narrative concluded the character’s development as Amelia fully realized the weight of terror they are experiencing when they both invited a guest that sure looks like a creature and won’t do good in their lives; but they eventually took control of the situation and was able to defeat it, though the movie was not the typical type of horror film with ghoulish, blood-sucking entity that is hard to defeat, it contains true terror that any one of us can experience.

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