Is your character a result of your choice or your choice a result of your character

We are all unique human beings, and each of us has our own characteristics, although characters can influence the way we make choices, but most of our choices determine who we are in response of the outcome.

Everyday we encounter and face many choices, from simple to complex, from choosing what food to eat, what clothes to wear, if you’ll go to work or not, if you’ll lie or tell the truth, if you’ll ride a bus or a cab, if you’ll smash someone’s face on a desk because you just had a bad day; but of course smashing someone’s face is not a good thing to do but given under any circumstances it is still a choice 😛

Why we’re given all these many choices every day? Do we really need to choose? Given all those choices are part or every day’s life, there isn’t any scientific explanation for that, that’s just the way it is, as long as you breathe and continue living options will be by our side every single second of every day. And yes, we’ll make decisions as long as we live, to choose is simply like breathing air it’s necessary, not to choose is also a choice so it’s a complete absolute. There’s no such as a thing as NO CHOICE, because there’s always a CHOICE only dead person can’t make a decision.

Wise decision-making sometimes depends on our views in life, while it greatly influenced our behavior in making decisions, and it sometimes outlines the obvious outcome of our choices, we still might fail, no matter who you are, or where you came from all decisions always have results, we don’t know what’s inside the box until we open the lid.

We all make mistakes no one is perfect, when we are presented with difficult situations we tend to be defensive and aggressive and often decide base on our emotions, and most decisions derive from what we feel sometimes fail, but choosing to correct the mistake we made is always available.

People can be mean or unforgiving regardless of their upbringing, even a person who attends church service or mass every Sunday can harbor resentment, even the kindest person in your workplace can make wrong actions and say hateful words towards others.

Being blind limits our function as humans, being hurt is not an optional feeling, no one wants to be offended, and as a recipient of that bad behavior of a person we tend to harbor anger in our heart, no one is exempted not to feel pain; but in time wounds will heal, it should, if we choose to, remember wounds can be infected if we let it open for exposure, letting things from happening is a choice, so if this infection gets worse then we might not be able to heal our wounded spirit.

Our character represents us as an individual it is who we are, it is what we are, but what makes us real human is our choices, a choice may be a dead end or the continuation of our journey in life. A choice that is hard because it is undetermined and a choice that is easy because the result is visible to see.

Always remember wrong and right decisions are both available to be picked by anyone, each has outcomes that awaits us, even an option that seems to be wrong at first can be right in the end, regardless how bright or smart you are, everyone can make wrong choices your response towards the outcome will become the result of your character.

From the beginning the power of freewill has shaped our destiny, the past has became history and freedom to choose is in our hands to correct the errors of our behavior to avoid bad situation from happening again; few of our choices may be overruled by our characteristics, but it doesn’t mean that all person that has a weak personalities will only have a weak decisions for the rest of their lives, while strong person will only have better options without making any mistakes.

Whatever you are or whoever you are you can make wrong choices, but you can still make it right if you want to, if you fail you can still be a winner, being miserable base on the outcome of your wrong choices won’t help, but if you stay that way it is because you make it happen.

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