The glitch in the matrix Dark Season 3 Finale

Dark Season 3 2020

Directed by: Baran bo Odar

Written by: Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar

Genre: Sci-fi thriller, Drama

In the first 2 Seasons we followed Jonas journeyed different timelines trying to alter the past in order to change the future, we learn a lot of twists, and a confusing family tree that it’s so hard to fathom its existence, we see versions of them being old, being young or middle age, 33 years back and 33 years to the future, the theory of eternal recurrence of never-ending loop where everything happens again and again and again, the question of having your own free will or having none was the main argument the whole time.

The writer applied theories that serve as the premise of the story and enough to make my head explode and a fan at the same time, the more confusing it seems, the more addictive it becomes, time-traveling plot is not a very easy story to pull off, it requires good structuring of story and logical presentation of events.

Was my questions answered?

All the questions I’ve written in my post about Dark Season 2 was answered. There are just few more questions in Season 3 that was left open but I guess they purposely did that for the viewers to interpret freely what we think about?

Why there are two Marthas appeared in Season 2 with a super small time travelling machine?

Ans: There are 2 Worlds existing in Winden, mirroring the world we watched for 2 Seasons, but Jonas doesn’t exist in Martha’s World, in the Epi where Jonas was trying to stop his Father Michael to commit suicide Old Claudia appeared and remarked “I’ve seen the world without you”, she is referring to the World 2.

Who is Boris and where did he come from?

Ans: Boris Niewald did not time travel nor the son of Hannah and Egon as what was speculated, he was just a man on the run who in World 2 Aleksander confesses to his son Bartoz, he accidentally killed Aleksander and took his Identity.

3. Noah said Charlotte was taken away from him, so who took her?

Ans: Because of old Claudia’s influence to these travelers, she was the obvious suspect of the abduction of Noah and Elizabeth’s daughter Charlotte, in Season 3 it was revealed that it was Elizabeth and Charlotte who took her baby self lol

4. From what time Katharina will end up since she was in the cave looking for answers during the apocalypse?

Ans: In the last scenes of Episode 8 Season 2, we see almost every body went on their way to escape the Apocalypse, we saw Katharina desperate in looking for her Son Mikkel and Husband Ulrich in the cave, while in the process of Apocalypse the passage opens leading her to year 1987 where she tries to retrieve her Son.

5. If Katharina travelled to 1987 and finds her son will Jonas won’t exist? Probably yes or no?

Well, when we all thought they can alter the future, so Jonas won’t exist and this madness will stop because Katharina is in timeline 1987 and have all the chance in getting Mikkel back to 2020, but whatever she does, despite all the efforts, what’s done is done it cannot be undo, her desperate search did not come so fruitful, even ended so tragically.

6. Since Regina, Peter, Elizabeth and Claudia stayed in the bunker to survive the apocalypse what happened to Peter Doppler and Regina Tiedemann?

They have survived all 4 of them, and of course Claudia won’t be old if she died in the Apocalypse, but we see Adult Elizabeth too being the leader of the Group in the Dystopian version of Winden, but no Older Versions of Peter and Regina, they obviously did not go so far.

7. Who created the blueprint for the Time Machine?

Season 3 revealed blueprint came from Eva of World 2, pass it on to Claudia (Adult) to be delivered to H.D. Tannhaus; but it still was not told who created it, but probably it’s the Bootstrap Paradox thing, so there’s no origin.

8. Who is the mother of Peter Doppler?

Peter arrived in Winden 1987, did not time travel, no other explanation where he came from, all we know is that his Mother died and learns his Father was Helge so he went to Winden to live with him.

9. When did the time travel start in Winden, was it in the future? Or the past?

It started in 1986, this was the year they discovered the substance Cesium because of the accident, then Mads disappeared, Claudia become the head of the plant.

10. Who is the real antagonist of the story? Was it Claudia? Or Adam?

After watching Dark Series for a couple of times, I realized it wasn’t Claudia, nor Adam was the antagonist of the story, it was their inability to let go, and their human desire is the main culprit of the story.

What was my take?

The complexity of the story is very argumentative in its nature, which event goes first, what is the origin, how did that happen? But it still boils down to where it has all started, ones there was a man named HD Tannhaus who lost his family back in 1971 he can’t bear the loss so he created a device hoping to stop the accident from happening.

Watching Jonas’ effort to undo what was destined to happen, but can’t avoid making the same decision, was a circle no end or beginning, it keeps repeating on its own without giving him an opportunity to choose for himself, though he receives instructions from his older self and older Claudia what he must and not do, in order to become who they were, Season 1 and 2 paid attention to determinism, free will is just an illusion that cannot be used to choose the outcome of your life, how f**k is that? any decision they make to correct the future or past will still end on the same f**ked up result.

The suffering of our unfortunate characters came from the world’s origin, in which Tannhaus lives and most of their reaction towards the ordeals and how they cope with it, is the reflection of their oblivious creator, the man who was so desperate of making his dead loved ones back to life results in a catastrophe, while his only concern was his grief and sorrow he can’t overcome, with his knowledge of science he tried to cheat death and order of events but unknowingly created worlds with endless life battle of death, betrayal, incest, lies, and murder, and no way of getting what they really want in life, all they have was suffering, never-ending suffering from birth to death.

It was long hours of mind-boggling events, time-traveling experience, and painful suffering, It was relieving to know the only way to stop their ordeal in life is not death, but ceasing their existence, that being said, Dark Series was one of the most thought-provoking Sci-Fi drama I’ve ever watched in Netflix, though my head wants to explode at times, it was a very impressive narrative, that is worth discussing with friends while inebriating with a bottle of beer and a pack of cigarette, well life goes on even when death occurs, it was indeed a wonderful world.

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