The Toxic World of Complaints

The moment the sound of alarm hits your ears the complaint starts to activate, you hate your schedule, you hate your job, you hate your life, from minor blah, to even cursing being born in this world sucks.

Why people complain?

Humans were born with needs and want, it’s in our nature, and normally complaints comes from what we feel, what we think we feel about the situation we are into, and most complaints are sometimes coming from our wants, we want all things the way we want it, and if what we want, didn’t go our way then we start to outburst emotions, without considering any possible or logical reasons, because most of the complainers are baseless or just plainly unreasonable, they are the ones who hate the world so much, they are the ones who’ll blame anyone for their situation whether the situation won’t affect their lives after few minutes.

What are the types of complainers?

A person who keeps on complaining about something but does nothing to change their situation, most often than not these are lazy people who use their mouths to vent but procrastinate all the time.

A person who compares her/his situation to others with a big WHY question on their faces, they are mostly, insecure and ungrateful people, they are the people who don’t appreciate the beauty in life.

A person who complains just because they can, they are aggressive and so entitled to tell you what to do and not to do, they demand anything they want because they feel like they all have the rights in the world to demand.

A person who only sees negative things around him/her, they hate the government, they hate their race, their country, the place where they live the people around them.

And lastly, the whining people, who whine things that are most likely non-sense; They don’t like their hair, the weather is so hot, but when it rains they hate it too, they always want something otherwise, and never satisfied.

There is nothing wrong in complaining if the situation really bothers you a lot, and your need is being compromised, like your health, or service that isn’t really good at all, because someone is not doing their job to correct the mistake, or if someone is really doing harm against your well-being, it is only best to discuss the situation so that it can be resolved.

Chronic complainers are people who choose to focus their energies to negativity, it seems that everything around them is nothing but misery, this habit of complaining is bad for the health, it is almost the same as taking drugs, alcohol or smoking a cigarette and sometimes they are outrageously contagious, if you keep on hanging out with them.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣.

There is more to life than complaining, and I think there is no point of complaining about something that will never be changed or something we are supposed to get used to in life because that’s just the way it is, instead, we face the reality and change the approach in the situation, there is more to life than whining over something that won’t matter to you after several hours or minutes, be grateful with life’s opportunity, be grateful that you’re still breathing and still have time to whine over something that is not very important at all. 😁😁😁😁😁

Β© Eessangj Aug. 2020

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