It’s the Anxiety of getting old

All of us will get old, if we feed ourselves good food and remain healthy then we will reach to certain age that we can call ourselves full blown adult and then senior, it’s part of being human, we will deteriorate soon and will eventually die. We cannot stop it from happening nor control our cells from degenerating, we only have limited time on earth, because time is our friend and our worse enemy.

Then why some people are anxious to get old? if all of us are destined to get old because we are mortal, and no one will get away from that reality unless of course if you die young, then what’s the anxiety for? Is it having gray hair, is it the skin loses its freshness because of wrinkles, the fear of losing its youthfulness and or our ability to remember even our own sense of self because we are already suffering from a degenerative disease called Alzheimer.

I guess the thought of getting old or being old makes us helpless, our opportunities will be less or no more since it will not fit us anymore, no one will take care of us, the risk of getting sick is high, and the thought of dying soon, it’s a phobia or fear of getting old that causes the anxiety. Gerascophobia define medically as an abnormal and persistent fear of growing old. Sufferers of this fear experience undue anxiety about aging even though they may be in good health–physically, economically and otherwise. http://Medical Author: William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR

I was 21 yrs old when I noticed my hair started to grow white only few strands though, but that doesn’t bother me at all, it’s premature graying of hair, until few strands become unbelievably plenty of strands, I haven’t even reached the life that I want yet I already look I’m retiring already, so I dyed my hair ever since, anyways I know at that point I’m not that really old, old in age so accepted white hair is okay, but the stigma is already there with me, thanks society, having white or gray hair means you are aging, and that lowers my self esteem, but I reached to a certain point where I stopped dying my hair and let it grow freely like who cares.

Many people want to live long, but don’t want to get old, but living long leads to getting old in the near future, sometimes I’m thinking is it really just preserving its youthfulness that we worry, or the life essence itself, the life’s quality you’ll be experiencing once you get all wrinkled and weak, there is nothing wrong in getting old, or look old when you reached the age of 50 or 60, what’s wrong is denying the reality in front of the mirror.

These days we focus and invest more on how we will be able to preserve our youthful appearance, and how will we be able to cope up with this fast-paced culture, our anxiety grows more when you feel like you haven’t reached your full potentials at that certain age, but you feel like you’re already in the aging process of retiring, because of too much pressure going on around us every day, we feel the need of catching up with time without producing good results, we feel the need of comparing our lives to others, without knowing how your own life is much fulfilling, we feel the need to compete with others, but also feel the need to conform, then we end up aging with life unfulfilled.

This isn’t about getting weak and sick, nor getting really wrinkled and old, not about no one will take care of you, nor being in a hospice and left by your family as if you are a burden in their lives, and this isn’t all about dying soon because you are old, the anxiety starts when you realize you spent so much time to waste, and feel the rush of catching up with the goal you should have now, because you might end up getting none when you get old.

©Eessangj August 2020

Featured Image: Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash