Coherence 2013

Coherence 2013

Directed By: James Ward Byrkit

Starring: Emily Baldoni, Nicholas Brendon, Maury Sterling.

Coherence is a story about a group of 8 people dining in one of their friends’ house Mike and Lee, the same night a comet passes and strange events occur which led the seemed perfect reunion of old friends came crashing down the hill.

What’s so Interesting about the Movie? It’s a low budgeted experimental 90 min film, about a Comet creating strange things that apply the theory of quantum physics, parallel universe and a thought experiment of Schrödinger Cat. That a multiple reality exists both simultaneously at the same time, both possible and not possible existence of multiple worlds but should not interact with each other or you’ll end up being in a wrong world after the comet passes.

It was filmed in limited space and most of its duration was set in the dining area, where most of the event happens, and this creativity makes the Film remarkably different from any other movies I’ve watched, the confusing situation of the 8 characters and their subtle but detailed reactions for me was the strength of the story, it tells you everything you need to know who’s who is the original and who was lost in that reality.

Watching this movie doesn’t require you to learn quantum physics in order for you to understand the gist of the story, though it may seem a thought-provoking plot, its goal in achieving its purpose has reached a certain point of ambiguity, where you can’t seem to find where it will direct you at some level, but its narrative and presentation to its audiences were well planned and stitched perfectly and that proves it is possible to create a sci-fi movie without too much effort to make it look like one.

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