I am grateful to live my life one day at a time.

There are things in life you fail to see its value, and you consciously ignore and deny its essence unless it was taken by force from you, and often focus more on things that bother you the most than those that keep your engine moving every day, while you focus all of your life energy to the things that make you worry all the time, you become a complainer and bitter making it difficult for you to live harmoniously in nature, thus your mind and body retaliate against you, therefore killing you slowly in the process.

Our conscious mind only identifies weeks and days we spent at work, other than that we spent our time idling and watching non-sense tv programs or just doing stuff that occupies time. Our awareness of time only happens if we need to meet deadlines to get paid for our endless duty at work, time is only important to us because we must meet schedules with our daily tasks, other than that it was just a meaningless number in a ticking clock, but hearing the clock ticks means we are able to surpass seconds of our lives breathing and our hearts still beating.

We hate days of work and wishing if money should come into your bank account without doing much effort then life would be easier, but we must work so we can preserve the life we have at this very moment, and yet most of us are relentlessly ungrateful with the thought of having to live through a day with a job we think its tiring, there is no tiring job unless you want it to think that way, anyways you have a choice to quit thinking, quit your present job and find another way to earn a living, I believe there are many ways not to make things life so complicated for me because I only live my life one day at a time.

I don’t fight to live for the day, I only need to breathe in and breathe out, I don’t need to struggle to work through the day, I only need to rise in the morning using my two legs and do tasks with my two arms, I don’t need to starve, I only need to open my mouth and ingest whatever food I can eat, I don’t need to worry for tomorrow because it will come whether I like it or not, I don’t need to have problems unless I create one so there will be something to solve.

Life is short, and so what? everybody dies anyway, it doesn’t matter how long you’ll live on this earth to experience human life we all have same 24 hrs a day, you don’t live tomorrow and not even in the past you live at this very moment, because now is your reality, you can spend these hours whatever ways you want without limiting yourself, and remember you don’t need to live through 50 years or 90 years just to realize how lucky you are to live and get old, even only for 24 hrs. of living is a life worth experiencing, what’s the point of hardworking, if you’re only stressing yourself for your productivity, limit your desire, just live a simple and balance life, be grateful that today is another experience of learning, if you wake up again tomorrow, open your awareness and try to choose what you think, life is beautiful but that depends on how you look at it.

©️Eessangj November 2020

Featured image: https://unsplash.com/@coopery

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